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We pride ourselves in providing optimal service to every customer that walks through our doors. As soon as you step in we want you to feel at home and at ease. Our front desk attendant will take care of your paper work while you lounge in the waiting room filled with healthy snacks for the whole family. Visit us at 5439 W Hacienda Ave Las Vegas, Nevada to get attended by the best dentists in Las Vegas. Open from 9AM-6PM. And change the way you feel about your teeth forever.

the best Dentist in las vegas

Patient awareness is key to us. As we believe everyone should have basic understanding of what type of procedures we offer and what you can expect during and after your visit.

Cosmetic Dental surgery 

In today’s day we can change, shape, and rebuild a wonderful smile. Our experienced dentists in Las Vegas use state of the art technology combined with years of experience to take care of your every need. from implants, teeth whitening, dental veneers, composite bonding and lots more. We encourage you to reach out to our offices for a custom and personal recommendation with a professional.


The most common dental procedure for every child and adult starts here. Braces are very common as nobody is born with perfectly straight teeth. And this could later play a negative role in your health. Ranging from jaw pain and clicking, Premature wear in your teeth and gums, Gum decay, and much more. This why its very important to get treated as soon as possible. Visit our local offices to learn more.


Fillings follow right after braces as one of the most common dental procedures. When your specialist notices a cavity; He will recommend the best procedure to be taken in your situation. Though fillings are the most patient friendly. Raging from amalgam, composite, porcelain and many others. If you would to have a consultation regarding your situation please give us a call at (phone number) and get a specialist over the phone to personally talk with you about your possible outcomes regarding your health.

Your personal health is very important to us. Because when you leave our clinic with a sense of accomplishment you’ll be glad to smile. Currently Millions of people around the world do not have access to proper access to dental care. We pride ourselves in educating patients about their health and also helping them become aware that treatment is a luxury denied to many. If you would like to donate to the world dental care foundation please stop by one of our locations to speak with one our representatives.